Collection: The Fruit Stand Collection

The Fruit Stand Collection smells amazing all year round!

Watermelon Breeze - Watermelon just may be the most iconic fruit of the summer. Watermelon Breeze will surely make you think of back yard BBQ’s and all things fun and summery. 

Pina Colada - This Pineapple and Coconut duo are the perfect combination to take you instantly to the beach. You will definitely feel like you’re enjoying the island life from the comfort of your home. 

Sparkling Lemonade - Nothing beats a class of cool lemonade on a hot summer day. The fresh lemon scent in our Sparkling Lemonade will awaken your senses and leave your skin feeling fresh and yes, a little sparkly! 

Berries and Cream - Summer really should be as simple as Berries and Cream. The blend of mixed berries and vanilla in our Berries and Cream is going to make you think of those cool summer nights with your family and friends on the patio under the stars. 

Peach Please - Peaches are the perfect summer fruit. They are the sweet taste of summer- whether eaten out of your hand or in your favorite dessert. Peach Please definitely smells good enough to eat, but we don’t recommend it!