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Forest Pine & Sandalwood Exfoliating Sugar Babees

Forest Pine & Sandalwood Exfoliating Sugar Babees

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Sugar Babees are tiny little balls of handmade sugar scrub.  They are the perfect size to exfoliate your hands without the mess or waste of jars and tubes.  They are super easy to use: wet one under the faucet, squish it between your fingers, rub it all over your hands to exfoliate (don’t forget your cuticles!) and rinse.  Pat dry and follow up with a Butter Babee! 

Prepare to be whisked away on a fragrant adventure with our irresistible scent: Forest Pine and Sandalwood! Our signature blend is a luscious fusion of earthy pine and warm sandalwood. It's like a giant bear hug in a bottle, enveloping your space with a sweet and woody aroma that will tantalize your senses and make them do a happy dance!

  • Fragrance: Forest Pine and Sandalwood
  • Made in small batches with uncomplicated ingredients.
  • Easy to use. No mess or waste.
  • Simply Wet it, Squish it, Rub it, Rinse it.


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